About US

We are a multiple service company that works in different search areas, in order to meet the needs of people. Our service helps in the tracking of different vehicles, adults, the elderly, children and cell phone tracking.

Our company

We provide mechanical assistance service at home.

A network of associated mechanics throughout the country, are ready to provide mechanical assistance to vehicles in each home, assisting with their experience and without having to leave your home.


Our organization:
Mayid transportation llc   
Mayid group

They are companies that fulfill a series of community services and assistance among themselves.

We operate throughout the US and South America.

We provide roadside assistance with our own tow truck and associated tow truck services.

We provide tracking service to vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and boats.

We help taxi drivers, Uber and Lyft, we also provide important help to workers who provide parcel delivery services on Amazon.

Our satellite tracking helps the family locate their loved ones and contributes to the care and location of our children in the face of the danger of disappearance of children in recent years.

Our mission is to serve with Promptness, Professionalism, Honesty and Efficiency.

Our Experts

Arlenis Margarita Ramirez

Operations Assistance

Luis Mayid Pernia


Favio Mayid Pernia

Dept. Operations

Luis M Pernia

Operations in Chile

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