Operations Center

24-hour roadside service
Tracking and emergency alert

Care Service

Assistance Program

Transport companies for people have gps-assistance, an ally in surveillance, security and roadside assistance.

Permanent Service 24 hours

Our company offers support in order to provide security.

Service and immediate attention

We maintain a permanent attention service to be present when you require it.  Our staff works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to any Emergency that may arise. 

24 hours of permanent services

Our Operations and service center works 24 hours a day, monitoring each alert that is generated on our monitors and providing immediate attention.
The assistance of our associated towing service is found throughout the American territory attentive to attend to every emergency that arises.

In every State:

We have associates willing to attend to every emergency.

In every City:

We have the best professional tow truck drivers and mechanics.

In every town and neighborhood:

In each town and each neighborhood, our associates are ready to attend to each road emergency where it is notified.

Transport safety:

Our operations center provides security in each transport that circulates on the highways of the United States and the countries associated with our tracking, protection and security system.

We are there, where you need us.
We have the assistance of our associates everywhere where we provide immediate attention and assistance.

Starting at $150/year

Small Business Programs

Every company that manages small or medium fleets has a place with us. You can count on our great experience with road rescue management and feel safe to have our support when you need it. 

Light transport company:

Regardless of your number of vehicles, we provide tracking and roadside assistance for your peace of mind.

Transport company with light vehicles:

Small size delivery vehicles are also a priority for us. Our attention is directed to your tracking and emergency needs on roads.

Small truck transport company:

Your small vans or trucks also have our attention when it comes to towing or mechanical assistance on the road..

Starting at $150/year

Programs for Large Companies

Our operations center attends 24 hours all the road assistance that is generated in attention to our affiliated partners. The systematic platform monitors roadside emergencies and gives priority to the attention that is generated.

Heavy transport:

Large heavy transport companies have our satellite tracking and assistance system. We provide security, confidence and peace of mind to our clients and associates.

Hotshot Light Transport:

Small businesses like Hot Shot have partners on our tracking platform in order to provide assistance support to these small businesses, which generate jobs for independent workers and small owners.

Towing services:

Large companies and small service tow truck owners have in us an allied partner that allows a better development of roadside assistance work. They have a systematic platform that simplifies the work of assistance and rescue on the roads.

Starting at $150/year

Do you want to start with us?

We have the experience, professionalism and daily desire to serve our community of members, providing care and services.

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Roadside assistance is our expertise

The tracking of personal and family vehicles is added every day to our platform. Our platform feels more committed to each client and we feel proud of them every day.

Personal and family vehicles

Passenger transport companies count on gps-assistance as an ally in surveillance, security and roadside assistance. Our company offers this support in order to provide security.

Buses and vans

Small delivery companies and couriers who work independently for AMAZON and other companies such as Uber and Lyft, count on us as an ally and partner for security and trust.

Delivery vans

Here we are and here we continue

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